1 x Stuffed Turkey & Ham Combo (serves 4)


Stuffed Turkey & Ham Combo

A classic combo. Our own homemade stuffing with parsley, thyme, butter and breadcrumb in the centre of a thick slice of dry cured ham and turkey breast with the skin still on for amazing flavour. Remove cling film and cook in a preheated oven at 180c for 70 minutes.

That lovely roulade of turkey, ham and stuffing in one slice, lovely!

Stuffed Turkey & Ham Combo

It’s our own stuffing, we keep it simple, herbs, breadcrumb, butter, salt and pepper. And that’s it.

We want this as tradition as possible. Bottom half is a nice thick chunky slice of free range low salt ham, stuffing goes in, and then a nice layer of Turkey breast on top. And then we wrap it in pancetta, just to give the flavour to the whole joint when you cook it, the saltiness of it absorbed into the turkey. 


An hour in the oven, the sizes that we do take an hour. At 180, wrapped in foil, wrapped in foil, take it off for the last 10 minutes just to let the pancetta crisp and let it rest.

And then when you slice it so you get that lovely roulade of turkey, ham and stuffing in one slice

INGREDIENTS: Turkey breast, dry cured ham, breadcrumb , wheat-flour ( GLUTEN ) water, yeast, salt, ascorbic acid, onion, veg oil, water, thyme, parsley, veg boullion, potato starch, ( CELERY ), leek, spices, carrots, ALLERGENS IN BOLD