1 x Lamb Burger With Fresh Mint


Lamb Burgers With Fresh Mint

One of our hero products. Our delicious lamb burgers are made using lamb shoulder mince, sea salt, freshly chopped mint and breadcrumbs. We mince the lamb just once to ensure the burger has a great meaty texture. Grill or pan fry with no oil for 10 minutes continuously turning. Or pop them on the bbq if the weather is fine.

Lamb Burgers With Fresh Mint

These are excellent, great sellers as well. We use the shoulder, but we only mince it once, after that we put some ground fresh mint in, and a little bit of salt and pepper. We press them by hand, so you get about 180 grams each, a decent size. The mint through the minced lamb shoulder is a lovely flavour.

Pan fry these like a steak. Turning them at least four times. The important thing when you are pan frying them is to keep turning them, ensuring that they cook in the middle without cremating them on the outside. 

In the summer a lot of our customers eat them in burger buns, sometimes from the BBQ, but in winter people just eat them as they are.